CBSE to include arts in regular learning method for all subjects from Standard I to XII

Nagpur : The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to include arts in regular learning methodology for all subjects from Std I to XII. The step is being taken to incorporate suggestions from stakeholders and recommendations in National Curriculum Framework NCF that stated “we must bring the arts squarely into the domain of the curricular”.

Details on how it is to be implemented and what guidelines will govern the evaluation and assessment system will be shared by CBSE later. The board has shared its thoughts on why these changes needed to be brought in.

Board says in a letter to schools that after consulting with stakeholders, it emerged that “integration of art with education will lead to betterment of learning in class rooms. It is realized that all disciplines being pursued by students at all stages require creative thinking and problem-solving abilities”.

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The board’s letter adds, “(when) art is integrated with education, it helps the child to apply art-based enquiry, investigation and exploration, critical thinking and creativity for a deeper understanding of the concepts.”

NCF too had stated that infusing art in all areas of learning gave students an identity of their own. The importance of India’s heritage crafts, both in terms of their economic and aesthetic values, should be recognized as being relevant to school education.

CBSE adds that ‘art education’ and ‘art integrated education’ maybe mutually exclusive, but they build upon each other and strengthen each other. “Art education is not only relevant for developing creativity and appreciation of art among students, but is also necessary for inculcating art-based enquiry skills in the students. Art education is a necessary precursor for the adoption of art integrated learning,” CBSE writes in its letter to schools.

CBSE also sees art learning inclusion as a strong case for experiential learning, as it “enables student to derive meaning and understanding, directly from the learning experience”.

It says the new system will not only make the teaching and learning process joyful, but will also have a positive impact on the development of certain life skills, such as communication skills, reflection and enquiry skills, unconditioning of the mind leading to higher confidence levels and enhanced self-esteem, appreciation for aesthetics and creativity, etc.

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