Credit framework to aid youth to switch between Education and Skill Development soon

New Delhi: India is eyeing a major revamp of secondary education by introducing a credit system for skills training after class 8 and 10. The skills development ministry is developing a framework under which credits will be given for vocational training from industrial training institutes (ITIs) equivalent to educational grades.

The credit recognition will also hold valid for university admissions, which implies that youth undergoing two years of training after class 10 will be eligible for university admission.

The move, which is similar to the system prevalent in Germany, Australia and some other countries, aims to provide mobility to the candidates and incentivise them to undertake skilling by earning credits equivalent to the academic system.

A senior government official told ET that the ministry is in discussion with the ministry of human resource development for integrating vocational education with school education and higher education at the earliest to make skilling aspirational.

“We are seized of the fact that India needs a credit framework which can aid its youth to switch between education and skilling without wasting years.

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Our mandate is to develop a credit framework that suits India’s skilling aspirants and we are working towards it,” the official quoted above said on the condition of anonymity. The idea is to develop a system wherein there are different levels of competency with specific credits assigned at each level. An aspirant who successfully completes the ITI course will get credits, which will be equivalent to educational credits. This means, the aspirant, without losing out on educational years, can undertake skills training midway and rejoin the education system. The government is hopeful that the credit framework will inspire youth to undertake skilling in a big way, which in turn will ensure availability of quality trained youth for the industry.

“While government has done extensive work on improving the quality of skills training in the country, the credit framework, which is being worked upon, will give mobility to the youth to switch between education and vocational training,” an industry expert said.

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