Gauhati University announces withdrawal of summer vacations

Guwahati: In order to compensate the academic losses because of suspension of classes amid lockdown and COVID19 pandemic, Assam’s Gauhati University has withdrawn coming summer vacation for the university classes and affiliated colleges and institutes.

The notification stated “We are all aware that the country is facing an extraordinary situation arising out of the spread of COVID-19 and consequent prolonged lockdown as announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Like all academic institutions, we are now to take a challenge as to how to maintain and revamp the academic schedule which has already been unavoidably disrupted that has brought uncertainty to the students in particular and to the academic community as a whole.”

“In view of such an unprecedented situation and considering seriousness with which we need to address all the related issues as mentioned, the Gauhati University hereby announces that the coming summer vacation which falls in the month of July, 2020 is hereby withdrawn for the University Classes and its Affiliated Colleges/Institutes unless otherwise notified depending on success of containment of spread of COVID-19,” stated in a notification issued by the registrar of Gauhati University on April 16.

“All the regular activities of Gauhati University will be resumed once the situation is declared as congenial by the Central Government and State Government as applicable,” it added further.

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