MHRD, NCERT planning Odd-Even Rule for Schools post lockdown

The Ministry of Human Resources and Development, MHRD along with NCERT are planning ‘odd-even plan’ for schools when they open post lockdown. The classrooms will be operative but would need to maintain social distancing which is why the National Council of Educational Research and Training is considering the presence of 50 per cent of students only per day in the premises.

This plan could be lead to more individualistic assessment and learning experience for any student. The guidelines are soon to be announced by MHRD on the reopening of schools across the country. The Council is also involved in creating an online material and live interaction material that could be aired via television channels to avoid losses to schools who do not have a very good digital infrastructure.  This would come under each class, one channel strategy.

Another plan that is underway and is being proposed in odd-even every week. Not on an everyday basis, but on a weekly basis would be fruitful for the students too as per some officials. The Government is also going to come up with the plan of what the students who would be at home would do during their off days. This way both the slots would have enough to engage themselves in and there would be no loss of studies to students. Moreover, the Government is also planning to introduce 12 channels for classes 1-12.

The final guidelines are underway and would be approved by MHRD. The NCERT is very confident of the idea and the director of the council said that the idea was to create and maintain a conducive learning environment taking all stakeholders together and working to not let any student face any academic loss due to pandemic. The learning outcomes are something that NCERT is mainly concerned about and does not wish to compromise with it. The draft will be most likely brought in front of the MHRD on Monday.