Summer holidays announced for government schools, colleges of Punjab

Punjab Government has announced summer holidays for all the government schools, universities and colleges in the state. The notice issued by the government of Punjab states that all the government schools and colleges, universities in the state would have their summer vacations from May 15 to June 15. Earlier in April, the Punjab Government had announced summer vacations for schools from April 11 till May 10.

The order is only for state government and colleges. All the universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutes like coaching centres, however, remain closed till May 17 under the revised lockdown guidelines released by MHA on May 1, 2020. The summer vacations, in turn would extend the closure of the colleges and universities till June 15.

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Earlier last week, UGC had also released the examination guidelines for all the universities. As per the new guidelines, all the universities would have their semester examinations/ assessment in the month of July. UGC too had notified that the colleges/ universities may pre-pone or extend their summer holidays during the COVID19 pandemic.

Schools and colleges in the country have been working in the online mode since they were ordered shut from as early as March 16, 2020. With the outbreak of the disease, under the new restrictions, all schools and colleges continue to remain closed across the country. Most of the examinations have been postponed till July.

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