Haryana Government to provide free textbooks to Scheduled Caste college students

Chandigarh: The Haryana government will provide free books to Scheduled Castes students studying in state-run colleges, officials said on Wednesday. An official statement quoting a spokesperson of the Higher Education Department said on behalf of the director-general of the department, principals of all government colleges have been directed that the data of students belonging to the Scheduled Caste category who will be getting monetary support for books for the year 2020-21 by the directorate should be verified and updated on college ERP-portal by January 29.

Haryana Government will transfer money to students’ account

“Verification of a student’s SC class certificate, Haryana resident certificate, Aadhaar numbershould be done,” he said. The spokesperson said money to purchase books will be transferred to students’ accounts directly only if the details are found authenticated. The ERP-portal has been designed to cater to the requirements of the colleges for a robust database, he said.

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