ATAL Academy inviting applications for Faculty Development Program 2022-23

The higher education system is passing through a transformational phase to cope up with the global trends. National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 is a light house for this journey of transformation. Quality teachers’ community is always a potential force to enforce the changes and plays a pivotal role in development of knowledge building, knowledge sharing and its dissemination. In the extant scenario with disruptive technological advancements, role of higher education teachers is more important than it ever was. NEP-2020 envisages empowerment of higher education teachers with series of capacity building trainings and workshops to prepare them to identify, define and implement the changes. The dream of Vishwa Guru cannot be reinforced without the active role of potential masses of quality higher education teachers.

In the world of increasing change, complexity and uncertainty, skills of the past will not serve us today, or tomorrow. Technological advances have multiplied since the Industrial Revolution, while social change and demographic diversity give rise to ever more cross pollinating innovators. Each new generation experiences a world changing faster than ever before. In addition to, digitalization, other high impact megatrends are Globalization, Sustainability and Automation. COVID has accelerated change in all elements of work and life today. Along with the strong digital skills, the new skills required by Education 4.0 will be complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, teamwork and collaboration, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision-making, service orientation, negotiation, project management, cognitive flexibility and motivated, energized, capable faculty forms the foundation.

The objective of ATAL i.e., AICTE’s Training and Learning Academy is to impart quality Continuous Professional Development Programmes (CPDP) for faculty so that

  • Faculty have a sound domain knowledge and associated skills of the subject.
  • Its application with the prevailing practice scenario in real life with industry connect.
  • Pedagogy-requisite teaching skills needed to scientifically plan for instructional delivery, communicate the knowledge and skills to the students in an efficient manner and assess teaching-learning effectiveness.
  • Skills for need analysis, meaningful literature review, problem framework and creative problem solving.
  • Life skills so that they are motivated and fascinated to acquire knowledge and associated skills.
  • Institutional Leadership skills for senior faculty to be ready for academic leadership.
  • Understanding their roles in community wellbeing, national building and also their own career development 

AICTE’s Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy has planned quality Continuous Professional Development Programmes (CPDP). The objective of the programme is to give the faculty a sound domain knowledge and associated skills of the subject and understanding their rolls in community well-being, nation building and also in their own professional development.

There are 3 different types of Faculty Development Programmes:

  • Basic ATAL FDP
  • Advance ATAL FDP
  • Institutional Building – leadership for Academic Excellence in HEIs. 

No. of Intakes: 50
Duration: 2 weeks
Mode of Learning: Blended/Hybrid Learning

Eligibility Criteria
For Host Institutes* The government funded institutions like IITs, IIMs, NITs, IIITs, IoEs,
Universities, State Universities, other government organizations, and PSUs.
* Private organizations/institutions having overall NIRF ranking up to 200, or
NAAC grade A++, or the department conducting FDP having full NBA
* Industry/Training Institutions with Experience in Relevant training in the
last 5 Years.
* Institutes with rating of 4 and 5 from AY 2021-2022 through ATAL Academy FDP Peer Reviews (Internal criteria) may be given weightage.
For Coordinators* Coordinator should preferably be a Professor or Associate Professor with
10 years of teaching-learning experience whereas co-coordinator may be
Associate/Assistant professor with 05 years of teaching-learning
* Preferably prior experience of organizing ATAL Academy FDPs – number of
FDPs completed.
* Expertise in core subject/emerging areas/research & innovation/skill
development (teaching/research papers/books /conference & workshops,
etc.) for a minimum of last 5 years.
* Minimum 10 publications in reputed journals.
* Preference will be given to faculty members who have completed research
projects in their respective field.
* Preferably recipient of National/International awards/honors in the last 5
years for teaching excellence, academic and applied research, institute
leadership management, community/public service, and outreach
* Nominated by Institution leaders (Dean/HOD/Director).
For Attendees* Nominated by institute/organization leaders(s) for better attendance.
* Industry/research institutes attendees are encouraged.
* Prior successful completion of AICTE ATAL FDPs is preferred.
* Can sign up and attend a maximum of 2 Basic and 2 Advance FDPs per academic year.
* Maximum 10% may be from the Host Institutes

All the higher educational institutions and its affiliated colleges/institutions are requested to take active participation in implementing redesigned ATAL FDPs, engaging faculty members to learn new domains, pedagogy and apply the knowledge and encourage the faculty to apply for ATAL FDPs.

Last Date for Registration: 09 May 2022