90 lakh students to get benefited from new LMS in Tamil Nadu

Researchers from IIT Madras have joined hands with Tamil Nadu’s Department of School Education to update the existing digital learning management system into one that is more assessment-focused.

IIT Madras will use AI and data science expertise to transform the Education Management Information System that Tamil Nadu students currently use so that assessments are better and the framework for education material distribution is updated.

The new learning management system will be deployed in newly-built high-tech labs in 6,000 government schools to improve the quality of learning for 90 lakh students.

Researchers will build a wide range of tools such as assessment creation, performance evaluation including fraud detection, and various dashboards to monitor the learning progression of students, as well as school and district-level monitoring.

Dr. Nandan Sudarsanam, Associate Professor at the Department of Management Studies and a core member of the Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) is the Principal Investigator of this collaborative effort from the IIT Madras’s side.

Faculty, students, project associates, and channel partners of RBCDSAI will lead the initiative.

The entire process would be done in three phases – content management for educational material and assessment will be carried out in the first phase, delivery and feedback for educational material and assessment will be the focus of the second phase, and data analytics, dashboards, and reporting system will be the focus areas for the third phase.

This exercise would boost the learning experience of both students and teachers in Tamil Nadu with its use of AI ad ML which can provide 24/7 universal education, personalized mentoring for students depending on their weak areas, assist the administration in grading papers, assess learning patterns, etc.