CCRT-designed training programs align with components of NEP 2020

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Development of North-Eastern Region Shri G Kishan Reddy stated “Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, CCRT, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture, has been working on the mandate of linking education with culture, across the country.”

CCRT has designed its Training Programmes focusing on the promotion and preservation of Indian Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage, Literary Heritage, Folk/Tribal Art & Culture (dance/music/painting), and Craft Traditions with special emphasis on multilingualism & multiculturalism keeping in view recommendations of NEP-2020. CCRT has undertaken the pioneering role to impart the components recommended in NEP-2020 in all its Training Programmes. Teachers from all part of the country participate in CCRT Training Programmes and hence, its benefits reaches at the grass-root level. In CCRT Training programs, teachers are encouraged to promote their local culture including Tribal Art and Culture during the session on regional presentation. CCRT also conduct lecture/lecture demonstration session/practical classes on Indian Languages and Literature -the core of Indian Culture – Relevance of Multilingualism: concerning NEP-2020.

He further mentioned, “other Academies under Ministry of Culture have also provided the requisite material for art and cultural education as and when requests received from Ministry of Education”.