Japan government granted assistance of 7.3 million Yen for the establishment of basic school cum vocational training centre

Tokyo : Two projects have been signed under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP) between India and Japan at the Embassy of Japan in the national capital. The two initiatives are — project for the establishment of basic school cum vocational training centre for underprivileged children by Huda Educational and Social Welfare Society worth 7.3 million yen, and project for solar PV plant on the rooftop of Vishnu Bhagwan Public SchoolHostel Building, Jhalwa, Allahabad by UTTHAN – Centre for Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation worth 7.5 million yen.

In the ceremony, the grant contracts were signed between Kenji Hiramatsu, Ambassador of Japan to India and the representatives of the respective recipient organisations on Tuesday.

On the occasion, Ambassador Hiramatsu said that the grant would help improve the lives of people in the project areas and further strengthen the friendly relationship and cooperation between Japan and India. “Our two countries are partners aspiring for a stable and prosperous world. Our strong bonds are rooted in the friendship between our people. That is why we attach importance to supporting a grass-roots project,” he added.

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The envoy said that GGP was utilised to support the lives of underprivileged people and society at the grass-roots level. “Japan feels strongly about leaving no one behind because we know the most vulnerable is in the greatest need of help,” Ambassador Hiramatsu said.

India is one of the major beneficiaries of the GGP scheme, through which the Japanese Government has been providing schools, medical facilities and equipment and others to various organisations of India, the envoy remarked.

Underlining that education is important, Ambassador Hiramatsu said if all the children in India could attend school and feel the joy of learning, the economic and social stride of the country will be even furthered. “Education will provide a chance for underprivileged children for better employment and hope for a better future,” he said.

“Under this project, Huda Educational and Social Welfare Society will construct a new school cum vocational centre for the scheduled castes and tribes in Mahona, Amethi district, Uttar Pradesh,” the envoy informed. Ambassador Hiramatsu said that the expansion of quality education and vocational training for underprivileged children will lead to the all-round improvement of living standards of the people in India. “I am glad that this project, which we signed, enables many more children and youth to attend school under a better educational environment. They can also receive vocational training to get well-equipped for the job market in the future,” the envoy further said.

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