CBSE pushes for eco conservation with “One Child, One Plant” campaign

Nagpur: CBSE is aggressively pushing eco-friendly initiatives in all affiliated schools by now mandating ‘eco clubs’ and launching a massive tree plantation drive. In a letter to schools, CBSE has reiterated its stand of being environment conscious and directed schools to ensure that their policies are implemented accordingly.

Citing its bylaws, CBSE said schools must strive to promote conservation of environment on their campus through rain water harvesting, greening of campus, use of solar energy, education and awareness among children on environmental conservation and cleanliness, etc. It added that even the annual report of schools must contain a write up on all efforts made in this regard every year.

The central board wants schools to launch the ‘one child, one plant’ campaign to ensure that green cover in India gets a boost.

Taking into account the logistical challenges, CBSE has given schools a free hand to implement it at whichever place it is convenient.

Joseph Emmanuel, director (academics) at CBSE wrote to principals that “every school must ask each of its students to plant a sapling wherever convenient, whether in school premises or at home or in the boundaries of the playgrounds or any other place which is approachable to them. Discussions may be held in class about the variety/species of the tree/sapling planted, its benefits, its occurrence, the kind of looking after it requires etc”.

CBSE says such activities will help students to relate to the environment better. “Schools must also create awareness among students to take care of the plant which they plant,” wrote Emmanuel.

Water conservation is the other thrust area for CBSE and it has proposed a unique plan for schools. Emmanuel wrote, “Focus on developing water conservation habits among students and ensure that every child in STD V-XII mandatory takes up the activity of saving one litre of water everyday at home and in school”.

The board has also asked schools become ‘water efficient’ within three years. What exactly it means by water efficiency will soon be made clear in a handbook that will be released online by the board. The handbook will contain guidelines, policies and targets to be achieved for schools.

Emmanuel further added, “Environmental issues have been the key focus of CBSE. The board has taken various initiatives to sensitize schools and students to emergent environmental concerns like energy conservation, wastage of food at social gatherings, hazards of electronic waste, conservation of petroleum products, plastic pollution etc”.

Note: News shared for public awareness with reference from the information provided at various online portals.