15 Andhra Pradesh Science teachers to attend CERN-South Asia workshop

Vijayawada: Science City of Andhra Pradesh and Science Infrastructure Project, working with an aim to popularise and disseminate knowledge about science, has selected one science teacher from each district and they would be sponsored to attend “CERN – South Asia STEM Teachers Training Workshop”.

As part of the Science Popularisation and Science Skill Development Programme, the workshop is going to be held at Shiv Nadar School, New Delhi, suburb Noida, Uttar Pradesh, from April 22-26.

The workshop is a first-of-its-kind certified professional development programme for 80 high school teachers from across the Nation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects. AP is proud to send 15 highly qualified science teachers to this meeting .represents the commitment of science education and science promotion through the Science City.

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“We are fortunate to gather brilliant science teachers across the state and who will represent our state at the National Capital Region and gain recent insights into the emerging sciences and will hopefully disseminate their knowledge to their colleagues, school students and make them ready to catch the latest happenings in modern science” said Dr. Krishnarao Appasani, Vice-Chairman & CEO of the Science City of Andhra Pradesh.

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