CBSE sets new rules to follow in case of short attendance of students

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced new rules to deal with the cases of short attendance of students of all its affiliated schools.

In this regard, the Board has specified the attendance requirements for a student to be eligible to appear for the Class X and XII examinations of the CBSE. The CBSE bye-laws state the percentage of attendance up to which it can be considered for condonation and the grounds for its consideration.

According to the CBSE, an analysis of the 2019 result indicated that students with low attendance performed poorly in the examinations, which made CBSE to take strict action against the same. The CBSE has made the following observations

  • The students, parents and schools are not submitting desired documents and certificates of the Competent Authority while seeking exemptions in attendance;
  • The schools are neither adhering to the schedule for submission of documents and certificates nor sending all the cases of shortage of attendance to the CBSE.
  • CBSE observed that the students are not attending the school regularly.

To ensure the importance of the classes and the attendance, CBSE has prepared Standard Operating Procedures for dealing with students having attendance less than the prescribed percentage of attendance for the information and compliance by Schools, Students and Parents. Also, the CBSE has asked the schools to communicate information and rule position to students and parents.

As per the CBSE’s new guidelines, the schools will take following action:-

  1. inform the importance of attendance and classes etc to the students and their parents in the beginning of session;
  2. sensitize the students and parents about the relevant rules and about the attendance requirement during the academic session;
  3. inform the students and parents the grounds on which shortage of attendance could be condoned;
  4. inform the students and parents to submit medical certificate(s) from the competent authority/leave application supporting the reason for availing/taking leave as and when leave is availed;
  5. warn the students and parents if they are not attending the classes regularly and maintain the records of such students;
  6. will inform the parents about shortage of attendance;
  7. schools will recommend the cases as per Examination Bye-Laws only;
  8. Attendance will be calculated as on 1st January of the Academic session.
  9. Shortage of attendance cases received in the concerned Regional Office upto 7th January of the academic session of Class X or XII will only be considered by the Board.
  10. No case will be accepted after 7th January of the academic session of Class X or XII;
  11. Cases without Mandatory documents will be summarily rejected.