Amid COVID-19, CBSE to reduce curriculum for session 2020-2021

Since the Covid-19 lockdown extended till May 3, has created a serious delay in the re-opening of schools, many schools are planning on slashing their summer vacations to adjust for all the off days.

Human Resources Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal, said that CBSE will be reducing the curriculum for the next academic calendar for all the classes to make up for the lost time due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The curriculum will be curtailed in proportion to the lost time.

He asked NCERT, NTA and other major educational organisations of India to change their academic calendars because of the Coronavirus situation, NCERT on Thursday released a new calendar for students to productively use their time with help from parents and teachers when stuck at home due to Covid-19 lockdown. Following this, the CBSE syllabus for 2020-2021 has also been reduced for classes 9 to 12.

CBSE officials spoke to a few senior teachers in a webinar to share the plan for the new academic session because of the disruptions created due to the Coronavirus pandemic where they shared that CBSE is working on a reduced syllabus for this academic year along with NCERT.

The board is contemplating on a “rationalized syllabus” for classes 9 to 12 students in the next academic session as the COVID-19 pandemic has already disrupted the beginning of the classes and other academic activities.

The official also said that suggestions have been taken from various stakeholders for the revised CBSE academic calendar. It has also been advised to teachers to be more compassionate and ensure that the students don’t get bored at home or go into depression. Teachers have been asked to give out meaningful and creative activities to kids at home so kids can remain productive and engaged.

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