Online National Conference on Transforming Vocational Education and Training for Excellence: Perspective and Challenges concluded

The two-day Online National Conference on Transforming Vocational Education and Training for Excellence: Perspective and Challenges, organised by PSSCIVE, Bhopal collaboration with UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, Wadhwani Foundation and Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila concluded on 26 March 2021, with the valedictory address of Mrs. Vinita Agarwal, Executive Member of the National Council of Vocational Education and Training, under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

She highlighted the need for a robust VET system to harness the demographic divided and stated that the NCVET is working on the implementation of various aspects of VET for building a strong monitoring and regulatory mechanism.

Prof. Rajesh P Khambayat, Joint Director, PSSCIVE stated that there are several challenges to VET and we need to focus on the implementation of the recommendations of the National Education Policy 2020 for bringing about necessary transformation in VET and achieve excellence.

During the Technical Session, Dr Jeanett Burmester, Head, Sector Project on TVET, GIZ, Germany spoke about the economic disruptions, demographic shifts, climate change and the global COVID pandemic which have impacted the labour markets significantly.

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─Ér. Nilesh Khare, Head Management Education, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal suggested various measures for quality assurance. He emphasized the importance of teacher for delivering education, curriculum development and the method of teaching.

Mr Manish Joshi. Education Specialist. UNESCO, New Delhi discussed the priorities for excellence in VET. Dr. Leena Chandran Wadia, Mumbar spoke on the need for reimagining vocational education.

Mr. Rajat Khawas, Principal Consultant, Joint Policy Advisory Group, New Delhi explained the benefits of the social and digital media in VET and use of digital and communication technologies. He also shared knowledge on policy framework across the countries i.e. in Nepal and Bangladesh.

Prof. S.Z. Haider, Former Joint Director, PSSCIVE, Bhopal stated that the VET should aim to develop the competencies of the rural people and help the in income generation and the economic development of the rural areas.

Dr. Y.P. Chawla, Research Fellow, Australian Graduate School of Leadership and Ex-Advisor Electricity Regulatory Commission, New Delhi, highlighted the role of VET in preparing the workforce. He emphasised the need to adopt smart technology.

Mr. Basab Banerjee, Co-founder, Magic Billion stressed on how to make Indian Youth Ready for International Markets. Dr. V. Thankikachalam Former Professor of NITTTR, Chennai spoke about the importance of problem solving approach in making people industry ready.

Dr. Vinay Swarup Mehrotra, PSSCIVE stated that there is a need to adopt different models of VET and apprenticeship training, as is also highlighted in the National Education Policy 2020.

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