Haryana Government would implement NEP by 2025: Chief Minister

Chandigarh: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Thursday said that the State Government would implement New National Education Policy by 2025 and information in this regard has also been shared with the Union Education Minister.

Replying on the issues of closure of some government schools raised by the Congress MLA Geeta Bhukkal on the last day of Vidhan Sabha session, the Chief Minister informed that the New Education Policy introduced by the Central Government will be implemented by the year 2030. Hence, keeping in view better management of education in Haryana, the State would implement this Policy by 2025.

Khattar said that extensive planning strategy is required before any recruitment process is initiated, be it hiring teachers, doctors or engineers. There was a time when there was a lot of demand for engineers. Today it has decreased. In today’s era, recruitment of doctors is the need of the hour. Therefore opening medical colleges in every district of the state is the utmost priority of the State Government.

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The Chief Minister said that the State Government has also increased the validity of Teacher Eligibility Test from five years to seven years. For better employment opportunities, skill development programmes have been undertaken and Skill University has also been established. Today, 22 DIETs Institutes are functional in the state and if needed, their seats will be increased even more.

Responding to issue raised by Congress MLA Kiran Choudhary regarding appointment of Haryana Civil Services Officer in sports quota, the Chief Minister said that in this regard the State Government has adhered to High Court’s decision and as per the decision the High Court has ruled that the joining of the said candidate should be got done.


On the last day of the Haryana Assembly, the Sports University of Haryana Bill, 2021 was referred to a select committee. The State Government on Wednesday had introduced in the Assembly Sports University of Haryana Bill, 2021, a week after withdrawing the previous Bill following objections raised by the Centre. The Bill was withdrawn on March 8. “The State Government has gone in for reservation for Haryana domicile candidates in private sector jobs. But the Sports University of Haryana Bill says that domicile will not be a ground for employment or admission of women, persons with disabilities, weaker sections, Scheduled Castes,” Congress MLA Kiran Choudhry said.

Subsequently Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar referred the Bill to a select committee of the assembly. The Bill was initially passed by the State Assembly in August 2019 and was reserved by the governor for consideration of the President.

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