Karnataka to introduce twinning programs for degree, nursing, and PG courses

The preliminary round of discussion was held at Vikasa Soudha on Wednesday about extending the internationalization of education for a degree, post-graduation, and engineering courses. This facility at present is made available for diploma courses. The meeting discussed Twinning Degree programs for the above courses introduced in the session.

At the meeting, C.N. Ashwatha Narayana, Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, said, “At present MoU with Montgomery County community college of Pennysylvania has been implemented. The same needs to be extended for other courses which will be under the internationalization of education.”

Responding to Minister’s proposal, Kannika Choudhari, HE Envoy, Pennsylvania, USA, suggested entering into MoUs with Athens State University, York College (Pennsylvania), Harrisburg Univerisity of Science & Technology, Indiana University (Pennsylvania), Husson University, Thiel College, Alvernia University and Misericordia University to achieve the desired objectives.

“The students taking these courses will be sent to American Universities in specific years of their studies, and paid internships will be part of these courses. This also enables students to get employed in the USA after completing their course, if they desire,” Narayana said.

Once the MoUs come into effect, the students can have a Twinning Degree of 6 years, Integrated Post-Graduation of 5 years, Twinning Post-Graduation of 4 years, M.S.Nursing (Integrated), and M.S.Biochemistry (Integrated), he stated.

He further said, “There are huge opportunities for those who have pursued graduation in Nursing and Health Administration. To make most of this, the officials have been instructed to draw up the modalities on introducing such courses.”

These MoUs will facilitate opportunities to study higher education at the global standards. The expenses of selected students from SC/ST and other backward communities will be borne entirely by the government. If needed, the educational loan from banks will also be made available, he told.

P.Pradeep, Commissioner, DCTE, Prof.Lingaraju Gandhi, Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore City University were present.

The Bangalore City University and Harrisburg University of Science & Technology, USA, exchanged letters of intent on Wednesday, which would allow for English learning and pursuing an integrated course in Computer science.

Lingaraja Gandhi, Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore City University, and Kannika Choudhary, HE Envoy, Pennsylvania, USA, exchanged the letter of intent and related documents.